Remember these witches?  Well lookee what they became…

Swap-bot Halloween Postcards Completed

I added some pumpkin background fabric, embroidered a couple of spiderwebs, sewed on spiders from my Halloween confetti, added glitter glue and verigated thread that the colors reminded me of candy corn.  Since the embroidery was done with black thread I had to place a heavy(ish) muslin on the back and then fuse the background fabric to that so you wouldn’t see the black through it.  Pair the front with this swirly fallish background fabric and you have one sweet postcard for my swap partners.  (Stay tuned to see how you can partner without the reciprocal swap!)

I also finished two other projects to consign.  Start with a thrifted messenger bag in either tan, green or khaki, wash them, iron them and then embellish them with fabric, a bit of embroidery, buttons, lace, some fancy stitching, threads, etc.     I find the templates mainly using children’s coloring pages which I locate using Google’s image search function.  The coloring pages are usually the outline of the objects and are normally large images, too.  If you are specific in your search terms (template OR coloring AND tree OR teacup OR your image here) you can normally locate what you are seeking quickly.  If you play around with the image in Word or your photo printing program you can size it as you need it.  I find that resizing it in Word gives me the most specific sizes I need.  I use my photo editor program to crop out the parts I don’t want to print as much as possible and then print the image on heavy paper so I can save it for another use as needed. 

Tree EmbellishmentTeacup Embellishment

I fuse the image to the fabric with Wonder Under and then embroider around the image if the fabric permits it.  The tree was placed on a leather tote bag that I found nearly impossible to hand embroider.  I decided to use my machine and stitch around the image (don’t shudder, it was a very soft and thin leather or I would not have thought about it).  After the sewing I then took my fingers and roughed up the edges of the fabric to cause it to fray a bit.  I like them to look rustic.  After that it seemed to be a bit on the plain side so I located four buttons that matched various parts of the leaves  and sewed them on with yellow embroidery thread to make them pop a bit. 

With the teacup, I outlined the image with a blanket stitch and added some outlining at the bottom of the cup to separate it from the saucer.  You are probably wondering why I placed that piece of fabric in the middle of the grommets on the strap?  It was because I was missing that grommet.  The fabric is on both sides and I outlined the patch with a zig zag (2 times around) and then a X (2 times also, with the zig zags placed bottom to bottom so it looked like a design) in the middle to reinforce it more as it will get a bit of weight on it.  On the inside of the bag by one of the pockets there were several short red ink lines…enter big wooden vintage asian inspired button and it was never there.  It happens to have been on the flap right on top of the velcro closure ideal place for a button, right! 

The messenger bags are easy to find at the thrift shops and don’t we all like them better after they are broken in?  Someone did the breaking in for us.  I sold this one  to see how much “action” it got before I invested in making more.  There were several people that made comments about how much they liked it, wanted it, needed to get the money to buy it, asked if I had other designs, etc.  I decided to go ahead and make more of them.  I get the bags for a song, the fabric is mostly my scraps from other projects.  It is a very inexpensive, but sometimes time intensive and visually appealing item.  You never know what people will like??

Now the part where you can partner, too.    If you leave a comment about any of the projects, questions or thoughts to tweak any of them, I will put your name in a hat and pick one on Friday.  I will send you a Halloween fabric postcard (I made an extra one), too.  Complete with a personalized greeting from me and sent via mail to you!  Boo-tiful, no?  Bewitchingly greatScary cool?  Wicked easy?  (Please stop me!  I could go on forever!)

Enjoy the last bits of the weekend!