Thrifted Drapes

I finished sewing the rod pocket in the drapes I found that I talked about here.  I have been staring at them all evening and loving them more and more.  They have the perfect shade of chocolate background.  Just vintage looking enough.  I also sewed back in the original label from the drape shop they were made at.  Mrs. Begun (no kidding) would love them more now.  She is the lady that they were made for her and they were for her right bedroom.  It says it was pair 1 of 2.  I wonder if I will come upon the other pair at some point. 

This past weekend I was at the Goodwill and found the elusive 10th panel for the cafe drapes that are in my craft room.  I explained to the cashier that I bought the other 9 2 weeks ago, but still had to pay $1.25 for the 10th panel.  Not a biggie, I still got a bargain and some great drapes, too. 

Opticrafters Swap All Packaged

I also help to moderate an optical chat board.  I started a post about crafters and found out I had some kindred souls on that board, too.  Myra (from Vancouver, BC) and I swapped previously.  She made me some fabulous greeting cards that ironically had all of my favorite quotes in them.  I loved them.  This time Sabrina joined us to swap, too.  She makes some lovely jewelry. 

These are the packages with their goodies all wrapped and ready to go.  One package is tied with a handmade tag with their names on it and the other a quote card.  Silly me, I forgot to take a pic before I wrapped so will have to wait for them to take one and will post it.  Suffice it to say that this became something FABULOUS! 


Lastly, I cut out these today for another Swap-bot swap I am participating in.  Stay tuned to see what they become.  It involves some more fabric, some stiff interfacing and a bit of needlepoint. 

I hope you are all enjoying this great fall weather.  It is going to be in the low 50’s again tonight.  HOORAY!  I love that the air has a crispness to it and I am thisclose to putting on one of my sweaters.