It occurred to me today that I had not posted a pic of the items I received from the Just Stuff Swap on Swap-bot.  The items on the right are from my partner in England and the ones on the left from my partner in Minnesota.  the only item missing from the left pile is the lace I used in the birthday postcard

I also received the first set from my handmade Halloween card swap.  These are from Kimberly from Wisconsin.  The bat on the card on the right is drawn by hand.   Since the cards are black she placed swatches of tan paper on the inside to write on.

I have been looking for some new drapes for my bedroom as the current pair is older then I care to admit.  I found just the pair at the Goodwill today.  They are custom made draperies and I got them for $4.99!  It is a chocolate brown background (think milk chocolate) with the sweetest viney pattern on it.  There is also a label on them saying the shop that made them, who they were made for and what room in her house they are for. 

The pair is a bit narrow for my window, so I spent this evening taking out the pleats at the top.  Tomorrow I am going to sew two lines across the top to accomodate my curtain rod and they will be perfect.  I had this brain storm when I got home.  I thought if they don’t work for the curtains the fabric will make some pretty tote bags. 

This is a close up of the pattern.  It is very minimal and lovely, isn’t it?  Can’t wait to hang these puppies up.  I recently found a set that was hand printed for the craft room makeover.  It is a scandanavian pattern and more of a cafe length.  There were 9 panels in all (the craft room has the same large window).  They look great!  The craft room gets a lot of the afternoon sun so it helps to shade it a bit.  I got these 9 panels for the same $4.99.  I love Goodwill. 

I have to make a teacup pincushion for an auction for the United Way.  A crafty friend asked for a donation so I have to have it done by tomorrow.  I was at a shop in the Lakeside section of Richmond on Saturday after meeting a friend for lunch.  The owner of the shop I was in asked me to bring some by for her to see if she would like to carry them in her shop.  I love when a short conversation works that way! 

Have a great rest of your weekend!