Swap-bot Pressies

Here are my swap-bot Just Stuff items all wrapped and ready for the mailing box.  I had 2 partners for this one.  One in CA and one in TN.  The sad thing is that they are not the people that send back to me.  I like it better when there is reciprosity. 

I received a package from one of my partners who lives in England yesterday.  I got a couple of gel pens, some postcards from her area in England, some stationery and buttons and ribbon for crafting.  Cute package and it FLEW from England to me.  The other person has e-mailed me it is on the way!

Thus far I have not been thrilled with my Swap-bot experience.  In my first swap I got back the fat quarter from my partner.  In my second, I sent 3 fabric postcards only to receive one back.  The other 2 partners flaked on the swap.  I know that is the risk you run, but one of the flakees was the swap coordinator!  It also appears this is not the first time she has done it either.  Wonder why they would let her coordinate a swap then?? 

I did sign up for one more which is a handmade Halloween card swap.  You have 2 partners and you send them 2 cards each.  I enjoy making the cards lately, but have to get working on my bag I mentioned here that I was to make.  I have the squares all ready and will sew them together this evening. 

I got an e-mail from Vicki that she received my Self Portrait postcard and that it was a “really clever self portrait.”  She makes some pehnomenal cards and from her that is quite the compliment! 

On the job front, not much to report.  I briefly spoke with a recruiter from a company in the city and I hope it proceeds further.  Time will tell.  I keep hopeful that it will all work out okay and I will end up where I am supposed to be.  I believe everything happens for a reason, but most of the time I think that reason must be a twisted one (LOL)!  God does have a sense of humor, right? 

Enjoy your day and the LONG weekend!  Travel safely and if you are beaching it…beach it for me!