I think I have been working at my crafts today to keep busy, but have been pleased with the outcomes.

I made the ribbon flowers in a class I took today at Michaels. They are made with wired ribbon that you remove either one or both wires from the sides. Our teacher was tremendously patient as she had 2 students that worked at very different speeds. She was a saint.

 Embellished Tote Bird

This is the bird that I used to embellish a messenger bag I got for a song (no pun intended) on Ebay a while ago. I knew I was going to do something with it, but until I found the bird pic, I was not sure what to do with it. I cut the branches and the larger leaves free hand. I then encircled it with embroidery thread using the blanket stitch. The bag is olive drab and it gave it a bit of zing!

 Origami book and projects completed

I bought this origami book today and couldn’t wait to start making a few of the items. I made the 2 suits in the front and the box, lid and divider at the top right. They were all pretty easy. I need to work on my technique for the shirt collars a bit to figure out why they are not exactly like the pic. Give me time!


 I also decided to start making a collage. I found this background on the Kate Spade site and printed it on some ecru stationary paper I had. I then cut the birds from some vintage sheet music and placed them on top. I outlined them in burgandy to make them pop a bit. I like it this way, but am also trying to figure out what else they need to be complete.

Now, my kind act for the day:
I bought a couple of $5 gift cards at McDonalds and gave them to a couple of the homeless men that frequent the area near one of my friend’s shop. I hesitate to give them money, so I thought that the gift card was a great idea.

Real Simple had some other great ideas in the September issue I received in the mail today.  It is in an article entitled Small Wonders (pg. 135).  Check them and this magazine out.  It is full of easy, practical ideas, recipes, and inspiration.

 I will leave you with a quote from the article:

“Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, make our earth an Eden,
like the heaven above.”
~Julia A. Fletcher Carney
“Little Things”