As I drink my Snapple Raspberry Diet Tea each morning I read the inside of the cap for a quick factoid.  The other day I learned that the first speeding ticket was issued to a driver in NY.  Upon Googling this factoid, I found that it happened in 1899 and involved a cab driver.  He was traveling at the “blistering” speed (at that time) of 12 mph.  So…Snapple facts are true.

I tend to gravitate to positive quotes and hopeful statements as a rule, so imagine my distress this morning when this factoid was in my cap:

 One brow wrinkle is the result of 200,000 frowns.

Think about that fact.  200,000 frowns in one year is 548 frowns per day.  I would hope you don’t frown that much!  None the less, I found myself being more aware of the number of times I frowned today.  I found that when I concentrate that I frown.  So just for working hard I am a goner! 

I took a picture of my favorite magnet with a Mark Twain quote to remind us all the right reasons for wrinkles:

  Smile Magnet

I also finished my seashell postcards for the Swap-bot swap.  That made me smile!  You cannot see, but on the shells I put glitter paint on them pretty heavy so it looks like sand.  Like when you pluck a shell fresh from the sand and surf.  I am also loving the shell stitch on the border.

Finished Seashell Postcard

Have a day full of smiles and wrinkles for the right reasons!  Happy wrinkles, everyone!